A smart house enhances safety for family members, pets and valuable belongings. If intruders are detected, you are notified. Water and gas leaks are also immediately detected, which reduces the risk of damage to your property. 

Technology improves our standard of living by solving a variety of domestic needs that are presented through our busy lifestyles. There are many benefits to having an intelligent house.



Floor plan

 We provide a graphic interface of your house to intuitively control your devices. 

Our app allows you to access your system from your phone. It will also update you on any unexpected events.

Customisable App

Voice Command

The system can be easily integrated either with Google Home or Alexa. You just need to tell your house what to do: "Hey Google, turn ON kitchen"


"Hey Google, turn OFF study".

Smart Comand

Already got a smartwatch? then let's control your house from your wrist.

Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve our interfaces.

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