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If our Smart Alarm System detects an intrusion, sirens will be triggered and your family will be notified via our mobile app and by email.


If you already have an existing alarm system, you can also upgrade with our Smart Module to receive all the features of a Smart Alarm System – including the ability to arm and disarm your alarm remotely and to receive notifications via our mobile app and/or email.

In addition, combining our Smart Alarm System with our CCTV System will provide complete home protection, visual evidence of intruders and most importantly, peace of mind.


If you leave the house without setting the alarm, don't worry! Our mobile app allows you to arm or disarm your alarm system from anywhere for your convenience. If you leave your phone in the house, you can always just use the alarm’s keypad to arm and disarm the house in the traditional way.


Motion sensors detect movement in your home and can be configured to activate your alarm or lighting systems. Importantly, they can also be configured to distinguish when the motion is caused by your pet versus an intruder. The sensors are also installed in a discreet manner which ensures they won’t clash with your home’s décor.


Open/closed sensors indicate whether a door or window is open or closed, sending notifications to your mobile phone or triggering an alarm, depending on your preferences.



Settings can be configured to trigger internal and external sirens, both locally and remotely.


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Oikotec designs innovative, fully customisable home automation systems.


Engineered using leading technology, our products provide customers with affordable home automation that can be adapted to meet today’s rapidly-changing lifestyle needs.


Following installation, our highly-qualified engineers will also be on hand to guide you through the technology, while our ongoing support service ensures your system continues to provide you with the maximum in home comforts, year-round.

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