Enjoy full control of lights and appliances at home, either from your mobile or using voice commands.

Arrive home to a nice warm house in winter by controlling the central heating from your mobile!


Turn on your garage and porch lights before arriving home from a late night.


Forgot to turn off the iron or hair straightener? No problem. Check and control your appliances remotely.


Compatible with any existing switch, you can control the lighting in your home with our wireless lighting modules, creating the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Rewiring is not required, making installation easy and non-invasive.



Turn your central heating on when you leave work and enjoy the comfort of a perfectly regulated temperature by the time you arrive home. Automate your central heating and air conditioning based on current climate – sensors can constantly check the temperature and turn heating or cooling on to maintain the desired temperature.


Our smart power point allows you to turn any appliance on or off, both remotely or by using a timer. Any device with a remote control can be easily integrated with our system.


Irrigation sprinklers are automatically triggered by schedule or according to the current weather.


Most electric blinds and blackout curtains can be automated. Get in touch with our team to find out what specifications are required.


See who is home by setting up family members. Each family member can have personalised settings. For example, you might want the garage door to open when you approach, but your son might park in street and want the front door light to flick on. 


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